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Advisory Services


The focus of the firm's Management  Advisory services division is to provide both general and specialized management consulting services.  The firm is at the forefront of emerging computer technology and is providing clients with the ability to take maximum advantage of such technology.  The advisory services division is the second largest practice area of the firm.  We provide a wide variety of advice to our clients as this division is designed to assist management of client organizations in their efforts to develop and control effective operations through the application of advanced management techniques.


The range of our clients' needs is quite broad, thereby warranting the need of advisory teams comprised of individuals skilled and competent in vast areas.  Our team members have considerable practical experience in their fields, which ensure that the solutions we pose will be relevant and readily understood and reflective of the real problems our clients face.  As a whole, our staff comprises a network of experience that makes us uniquely qualified to perform this wide range of services, some of which are listed below.

  • General management and organizational planning
  • Computerized accounting systems
  • Management training
  • Development of accounting procedures and policies manuals
  • Technical Writing
  • Financial planning and control systems
  • Compensation studies and incentive plans
  • Organizational reviews and analyses
  • Economic feasibility or projects and ventures
  • New business start-up advice and assistance
  • Mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and liquidations
  • Consideration of rules and regulations applicability for various organizations

Our clients appreciate our extensive experience and the personal and prompt attention we give to their problems and situations.  We take their trust and expectations to heart and manage their projects efficiently and with emphasis on timeliness.  Additionally, the firm will provide assistance in developing internal operating systems and procedures and business planning which are best suited to a particular client.  The firm maintains an in-house computer center utilizing numerous IBM personal computers.


Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Services


Financial reporting fraud and its impact on former employees, shareholders, and auditors has been the top story over the past few years both nationally and locally.  The spectacular breaches of trust at many high-profile companies fostered a perception that fraud is pervasive and devastating.  We are often consulted during matrimonial disputes and partnership dissolutions to [provide business valuation services and uncover malfeasance and financial irregularities.


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